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How To Select A Nursing Thesis Topic?

How To Select A Nursing Thesis Topic?

A dissertation is a comprehensive piece of writing that contains your research objectives, aims, goals, results and discussions. It is what makes you renowned in the research field. It is a communication that must take place in the most effective manner to let the readers know in depth about some topic of your interest. Selecting this topic could be the most difficult phases to deal with.


With an ever evolving field like nursing, it is quite difficult to come up with one nursing dissertation topic when there are a number of topics you can write about and a number of fields within nursing to pursue your career. This decision must be made keeping in view what motivates you as a nurse. Whether you find the ‘patient’ an interesting subject to work on or is it the ‘hospital’ that you want to explore in depth.


Before selecting a topic, study the various categories that compose the widespread field of nursing. There are four main categories


• Pediatric nursing
• Surgical nursing
• Mental health nursing
• Child health nursing


Once you get to know the complexities, the pros and cons of each nursing category, you will be able to make a wiser decision about the area you want to choose and the topic you want to write about. The topic must fall into one of the above categories. 

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Most Difficult Tasks In A Doctoral Research

When you go off with a doctoral research, the most difficult task, according to the masses is coming up with a topic but this is not the end of the story as another even difficult task waiting for you as soon as you finish your hunt for a topic is the research work you have to do with. The kind of research you need to do and the research methodologies you need to come up with depends upon the research subject and the angle with which you are covering the topic.


You can either use primary research i.e. doing you own research and collecting your very own live data but this must be started very soon in the process because most of the people are reluctant to participate in the interviews and the questionnaires are seldom filled with honesty. You can even go with secondary researches i.e. using someone else’s research and data and drawing your own fusion of results.


The research methodology is chosen to prove why you are doing things in a certain way and justify your points. You can use interviews or questionnaires or observational methods to deduce different levels of information. When going with one particular method keep notes for why you chose it, what other methods you could have chosen and the reason for dropping them?, Did you make any alterations in you research direction in order to keep with the chosen methodology? And when encountered dead ends, did you switch to some other methods?


Keeping track of all this information is vital to emerge successful from your dissertation defense.

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Is It Good OR Bad To View Dissertation Examples?

A number of students required to prepare a thesis or present a research report tend to find Dissertation Examples that can be useful for them in terms of organizing and structuring their thesis. I, personally, debate over the idea to follow the example thesis and following them. There is a high possibility that you end up matching with the examples and losing your individuality as a writer. Such dominant tasks as dissertation writing and reports preparation are highly influential when taken from other individuals’ point of view.


I rather prefer to go with your own style with guidelines from the advisor and through numerous resources available on internet. Examples and previous studies must be seen only to broaden your knowledge of the specific area. It is not the style and presentation that is evaluated in your thesis but the research content is what is the most valuable. Explore the best available research content for your area or topic as it is the backbone of your thesis.


After the research content, make an outline of the possible headings and sub-headings and try to structure your thesis. If you follow the Dissertation Examples or refer to previous methods of researches you will just trace someone else’s footmarks. There is nothing wrong if your structuring fifer from what you think is standard because of number of reports organized in the same way. What you need to focus on is the logical flow of data and that each heading makes sense making its way from one heading to another.

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Thesis Editing Not An Easy Job

Thesis Editing Not An Easy Job

Completing your thesis and making it ready for submission are two different things. Nothing could be more foolish than submitting your report as it is completed. A professional and engaging report requires several revisions to finally come up with the master piece that you are proud of submitting, but unfortunately, revision is not what everybody can do easily. Besides, you are already too exhausted by the end of your research report that revising it again and again clogs your mind. 

To help with that, we are here to provide you with the best dissertation editing services in the town! We have large team of experienced individuals who have already worked with a number of students to assist them in their editing work. 

You just submit to us and we will determine whether your thesis requires a development editing or comprehensive copy editing and price will be charged accordingly – that is even the most reasonable. 

Our development editors will help you to:

• Identify the void areas that are needed to be filled up in the report
• Rearrange the  chapters or points in a predefined fashion 
• Exclude the randomness from your writing
• Provide with the best hierarchal structure for your headings
• Take care of the flow of the document

Our comprehensive copy writers will edit your dissertation by:

• Structuring the paper in the best known conventions by altering the outline
• Looking for spelling mistakes, capitalization
• Arranging the tables and charts with the preferred color schemes
• Checking the citations and references
• Arranging the references in some logical order

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Thesis Discussion –Importance and necessity

Results and discussions are the two most important sections of thesis or reports writing. Most professionals when evaluating a number of dissertations give higher importance to these sections. You can either include them as separate sections or confine them in one single chapter. This is usually the advisor’s call but you may do it by your own accord or preferences.

When evaluating your thesis, the dissertation discussion analysis is mostly done keeping in view the four main things:

1. How well does the discussion section interpret your results?
2. Does it satisfy the research question?
3. Justification of your methodology
4. Does it summarize the gain of your study?

Discussion section could be the broadest and most lengthy section of your research. 

You may start off by making an outline of your research question making its way to the results, thoroughly demonstrating the implications and suggestions and finally summing up in the context of literature review. Since this section could be the most lengthy and time consuming, it is advisable to break it down into smaller pieces of study. This approach will not only facilitate the evaluators in you dissertation discussion analysis but will also assist you in focusing to separate chunks of information and present them intelligently.

If the outcome of your research is unexpected or controversial, the discussion must contain a comprehensive explanation about the reasons for these differences. It is likely that you may end up revising your literature review to mark out the more relevant studies as your results.

In the concluding words of this section, explain the importance of your findings, their practicality and adoptability and the areas on which further work could be done. These are the last stages of thesis writing and once done, you will find yourself alive again!

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Thesis Consultation! Right Or Wrong?

A number of students prefer writing their own thesis rather than opting for thesis writing solutions. But the difficulty most students face in doing so is guidance. 

Having supervisors that are ready to help you out at every step is purely a matter of luck. For those who remain deprived of this luxury, we provide the best coaches for your dissertation consultation to put you in the right direction at every phase.


Our experts are the former faculties of leading universities and do understand the difference between providing thesis solutions and coaching the young philosophers, nurturing their abilities to work on their own at the same time guiding them so that they may not fail.


Our dissertation consultants assist and guide the students in topic selection, conducting research, literature overview methodologies, developmental editing and defence preparations. The students only have to care for getting the concept and learning the research patterns leaving all the concerns of clarity, tone, structure, scope creep, in-depth study, appropriate wording, etc. to the coaches. 


Our dissertation consultants even assist in data gathering, setting up the database, data entry, and inspection cleaning and address the issue of collecting the appropriate and authentic data.


This is to notify that we do not, in any way, act as the thesis writers for the students and strongly discourage the idea of dissertation writing solutions.